Roos Wrap – Rnd 3, 2018

Roos Wrap

A dark and gloomy Sunday afternoon against Parkerville was the assignment for the Roos as the boys looked to continue the winning form.

More changes were flagged with Tyson out due to a spewey trek down south for a wedding, Luke crook with the Flu, Callum working away and his brother Marshall off on a Bucks day. Throw into that Cam was crook and his brother Lachlan off on girlfriend duties we had the bare twenty-two with Dev, Andy, Myles and Tbag in.

Numbers were the least of our problems as it quickly became apparent that Parky were in dire trouble with theirs and at 1.30 the white flag was risen, the first forfeit in over 16 years in the Hills Football Association!  To say the boys were devastated would be an understatement, to be at the end of your warmup and find out there was no longer a game was very deflating. Parky clearly have some challenges if they are to get back on track and find good numbers, we wish them all the best and hope they are in better shape next time we meet.

So, with the boys all dressed up and with nowhere to go, all we could do was split the side in two and have a game amongst ourselves. The umpires had followed Parky’s lead and taken the money and run, it was up to Beavo to take the whistle.  Bill took on an understudy in Graeme in goals and the boys were away!  With twelve a side it was open and the boys enjoyed plenty of space without too much pressure.  A couple of highlights on the day with Myles kicking a goal and celebrating like a two-year-old, Myles, Dylan, and Harry managed to bugger up a three on none to miss a goal and Micko copped the best falcon of all time!  Gaz fresh with a new hairdo managed to kick 4 points and when the boys saw the heavens open it was quickly decided that it was wise to pack it up, we had achieved all we could.

Well Done to all that helped on the day despite the challenges, for those who supported, stayed around had a beer, listened to the fines and ate $1 Sausage Rolls, Hamburgers and Pies, thankyou I’m sure we all walked away somewhat heavier.

A couple of quick mentions:  DJ thanks for washing the jumpers, the boys certainly loved the extra special fabric softener you used, maybe next time change the brand! To the brigade who went to the footy on Saturday night, Chook I have always told you to take the ball out in front, if you are going to drop a chest mark make sure it is not on national TV, Maitland Dev and Rhino all deserve a bake for letting Greggo get loose especially on a school night.

This week Gidge away – a big challenge that will test a lot of our new players, the boys will need to be at their best if we are to come away with a win.


Carn the Roos!