Roos Wrap Round 18

With the home and away season finished up the Roos were ready for finals as they finished second on the ladder by only 1%.  There were 35 different players that helped the Roos to finish second and although there would only be 22 running out on the field this week, we would not be in the position we are now without every player playing their part in the team.  Unfortunately, Andy, Lach, Brock and Cam had to sit out the Second Semi-Final against the Pickering Brook Hawks.  

As expected, there were a few nervous boys as the first quarter got underway, with hands and feet not quite 100%.  It was a low scoring first quarter with the Roos dominating shots on goal but couldn’t managed to kick it through the big ones (except for you Rozza).  At the end of the first the Roos were only just up by 4 points.

The second quarter got underway, with the Hawks stepping into gear and taking a more aggressive game leaving our boys a little uncertain. The Roos countered the push with 3 goals to Jake, Tristan and Austin, but unable to match the oppositions 5 goal quarter.

During half time the boys spent a lot of time discussing what was working and what needed improvement before running back out. The third quarter was tough as both sides showed no sign of quitting, each team matching what the opposition brought.  An even quarter with 4 goals apiece meant the Roos trailed by 10 point going into the last.

When the fourth quarter siren sounded, is when the nail bitting started.  The boys were down but not giving up as all three lines played hard attacking footy.  Two very beautiful goals from Lindsey “Spell My Name” Vitler, one from Braeden “GazMan” Hilgert and another from Matthew “Knuckles” O’Keeffe, had us up’n’about and back in front. DJ had another space mission, climbing on top of a pack to take a well needed grab in front of the bench.  As the last minute counted down the ball stayed in the Hawks half with the Roos fighting off each attack to finish the game with a 4-point lead. The Roos 13.11-89 to The Hawks 13.7-85.

Mundaring Celebrations Best on Ground: Nic “Mr Lover Lover” Cayley.  Awesome game!

Mahogany Inn Second Best: Marshal ‘Marty’ Hearne – spending to much time in the forward line for a back man…

Brookwood Realty Third Best – Jake ‘Davo’ Davis – True leadership when needed.

Club Award (Fourth Best): Matthew ‘Showbags’ O’Keefe – Massive day in the ruck.

Mr Magic Fifth Best: Dylan ‘Chook’ O’Loghlen – Great day down back

The Peep Show: Daniel ‘Spaceman’ Thomas – Ground control to Major Tom


It has been a massive season for the Mundaring Football Club and could not have been possible without the help of so many different people, all 35 players who played and trained throughout the year to help get us to the Grand Final.

Coaches – Thank you for guiding the boys in the right direction and making us train when we really didn’t want to.

Committee members – organising the events the club hosts and running general business. Volunteers – Without your help this wouldn’t happen. Canteen, bar, set up and pack up, event help and so much more!!!

Sponsors – Without our sponsors it would be impossible to run the club.  Thank you for donating to the club and helping us get to where we are today.

To all our fantastic Supporters, today is for you, thanks for being there each week and let’s bring it home for you all!

Carn the Roos!!!

Roos Wrap Round 17

The Roos had a great win over top team Pickering Brook last week and were ready to back it up in their last game for the home and away season taking on Swan View at Brown Park. Although the games result wouldn’t change the seatings on the ladder it was still a game the Roos needed to win just before finals. Multiple changes to this week’s team with Jesse, Tyson, BC, Callum, Lindsey and Dave all sitting out, which allowed Tristan, Greggo, Nick, Andy, Cam and Brock to pull the boots on for a kick. It was near perfect conditions this week as Elf led the team out on the ground for his 150th game and gave the boys the pre-game rev up.

As the first quarter got underway the Roos didn’t seem to have the same attack on the ball as last week and managed to lose the first goal to Swan View. Throughout the quarter the boys were ahead in clearances and hit outs but couldn’t quite convert to the score board as they finished the first quart up by nine points. Unfortunately, the second quarter was not the Roos finest quarter of footy. Most players were being beaten due to the lack of hunger and desire for the ball. Although Keefie and Tristan managed to kick a couple the Roos dropped their lead and trailed by 4 points at half time.

After a well needed spray from Ad’s at half time the Roos came back out with good intentions but didn’t manage to respond to the blasting until 10 minutes into the quarter. For the rest of the quarter they started to create good options and run with the ball but still couldn’t hit a target to save their lives. Back man Marty managed to inspire some players by running through some packs and DJ once again taking some well needed marks. At the end of the third the Roos managed to sneak back into the lead by 6 points.

During the fourth court the Roos finally started working as a team and realised that if they ran together, they played better which made things a little easier and the coach less angry. The backline locked down Swan View to keep them scoreless for the quarter meanwhile Lachlan, Hawk and Keefie piled on a few goals to help extend the lead to 21 points. Final scores being Roos 10.7-67 to Swan View 7.4-46. It wasn’t a pretty win but a win nevertheless as the boys now turn their attention to finals.

Mundaring Celebrations Best on Ground: Matthew ‘Keefie’ O’Keefe for a great day all over the ground and a couple snags.

Mahogany Inn Second Best: Marshal ‘Marty’ Hearne, some great straight line footy.

Brookwood Realty Third Best: Tristan ‘Hawk’ Vance finishing the day with three goals

Club Award (Fourth Best): Nick ‘Mr Lover Lover’ Cayley, impressive work down back and through the middle.

Mr Magic Fifth Best: Lachlan ‘Kylie’ Nicol great forward line pressure and a sneaky three goals.

The Peep Show: Matthew ‘Elf’ Elkington. Great 150th game and awesome work around the club.

A big effort by all to get to this weeks Second Semi Final against Pickers, in what will be a huge test for the Roos, it’s the business end now boys nothing but our best will do!

Carn the Roos!!!

Roos Wrap Round 16

Before we get to the weekends results the Mundaring Football Club would like to offer its condolences and support to Tristan Vance, the Parkerville Football Club and anyone else affected by the loss of a fellow hills football player last weekend.

After a tough game against Mt Helena last Sunday which didn’t end with the result the Roos were after, the boys were ready to take on the top of the ladder, Pickering Brook Hawks. It was a tough week on the training track with the tackle bags making an appearance, also accompanied with the well-loved “Square”. Once again there were a few changes to the side this week, the outs being Nick, Beavo, Tristan and Greggo, the in’s being well needed with two special mentions, Michael ‘BC’ Garfield and Callum Hearne, coming in for the first time this year with only a day’ notice. Joining them was Dave ‘Sleepy’ Ryan and Captain Jake.

Perfect conditions again this week meant that we were expected to have a clean skilful game. As the first siren sounded the Roos started strong with the midfield clearing the ball out to the forwards. With captain Jake down forward, this week it created some more options which paid off with a five-goal quarter. The backline worked just as hard leaving the Hawks goalless, the Roos with a 30-point advantage at the first break.

Throughout the second quarter the Roos kept the foot on the pedal with special mentions to the midfield who were not going to get beaten this week. Down forward Rhys, Braeden and Luke added to the tally with some specky goals which allowed the Roos to finish the second quarter with a 6-goal lead.

The Roos were feeling good at half time but knew that the Hawks were not a team that would just roll over and as the third term started the Hawks laid on two very quick goals which caught the Roos off guard. The backline defended off a possible third which gave the Roos the inspiration they needed. Daniel ‘DJ’ Thomas continued to mark well through the quarter and take the game on, but one of the most magical moments was a cracking goal from Andy ‘Tonka’ De Abreu, with mullet flowing cut through the pack to kick truly!

Once the fourth quarter got away it was clear the Roos would continue to play strong footy until the final siren. With the final score of Roos, 13.14-93 to Hawks, 7.9-51 the Roos new they played well, and it brought back the confidence they needed.

Mundaring Celebrations Best on Ground: Daniel ‘DJ’ Thomas. Well done mate, it’s great to see you playing some awesome footy.

Mahogany Inn 2nd Best: Matthew ‘Knuckles’ O’Keefe, the dominant big man on the ground.

Brookwood Reality 3rd Best: Braeden ‘Gaz’ Hilbert, back to the form with a lazy two.

The No Name 4th Best: Dylan ‘Chook’ O’loghlen, a rock across half back.

Mr Magic 5th Best: Lindsey ‘Spell My Name’ Vitler, only one free kick this week.

The Peep Show: Luke ‘Silky’ Nichol, great four quarter effort and a sneaky snagger!

Well done to the boys for a great win and getting back to the Roos footy they play.

Lastly congratulations to Matthew ‘Elf’ Elkington for playing his 150th game this weekend when the boys take on Swan View for their last game for the home and away season. Elf has been a major part in the development of the Mundaring Football club over the past 10 years and has played a big part in getting the club to where it is today.



Roos Wrap Round 15

This week was a big challenge for the Roos, after coming off a poor performance the week before they had a lot to make up and even more to prove.  Taking on the Mt Helena Lions at home was going to be a big task but the boys had trained well all week and were ready for the challenge.

There were a couple changes to the side this week with Captain Jake and ‘Big Boy 32’ Andy coming out through injury and ‘Daddy’ Dave Ryan sitting this one out due to a concussion from last week.  These boys were replaced with Jesse, Lachlan, Greggo and the big return from Dylan ‘Junior’ Larsen.

The conditions were great, the crowd was settled in and the first siren sounded.  It was a tight start to the game with both teams kicking a point each, but the Roos managed to break away with the first major for the day.  Throughout the first quarter the Roos continued to make good decisions and were able to score on the opportunities they had.  Keeping the Lions goalless for the quarter the Roos were up by 16.

At the start of the second the Roos did not seem to be slowing down any time soon as they continued the pressure in the backline with Marty keeping a handle on Holly with a bit of help from Chook.  As the ball entered the forward line Tyson, Hawk and DJ helped convert it to the scoreboard.  At the end of the first half the Roos were still ahead by three goals and were up and about.

After the main break the Roos had a slow start, allowing the Lions to add a couple to their tally.  Although the back line worked hard all quarter the Lions manage to creep their way in front are were up by two points at three quarter time.

The last quarter was a hard slog with a few boys coming to the bench with injuries, including Andrew ‘Tonka’ and Nick.  The boys fought all quarter but didn’t quite have enough in the tank to hold of the Lions as the final siren sounds the scores lay Roos 10.9-69 to Lions 12.11-83.

Mundaring Celebrations Best on Ground: Andrew ‘Tonka’ De Abreu for his work around the ground and having the best mullet.

Mahogany Inn’s 2ndBest: Dylan ‘Chook’ O’Loghlen for great work down back and having the second-best mullet.

Brookwood Reality 3rdBest: Tyson “Hammer” Hamling for another great game in the forward line.

A1Caravans 4thBest: Marshal ‘Marty’ Hearne for a great job on Holly all day.

Mr Magic 5thBest: Jesse ‘Fang’ Ball for a bit of class around the ground.

The Peep Show: James ‘Bevo’ Beavington, we’re going to miss you big boy.


Thank you all who came down and supported the Roos on Sunday for the Brendon Memorial match.  It was good to see some old faces and play some good footy.  All the best for Bevo and Polly who will be starting a new chapter in their lives as they move to Scotland (hopefully not for ever) and a farewell to Alex ‘Milney’ as he jet sets off to London on an adventure to become a Man!!


Carn the Roos!!!

Roos Wrap Round 14

Coming off a comfortable win over Bully last week the Roos thought history would repeat itself when they took on the Cougars. The team only had a few changes with Jesse working away this week meant that Dev could come back in after a rest, Tonka was out ill allowing Cam to come back in from injury.

It was a quiet start to the warmup and it seemed like the boys may have thought it was going to be an easy game and come away with a win. Boy were they wrong.

As the first siren sounded it was clear that the Cougars weren’t going to make it an easy game as they demonstrated that their hunger for the ball outweighed the Roos.  After dropping the first goal the Roos made some effort to counter with one from Tyson and another from Tristan.  In the backline there was a little bit of friendly fire as Kizza tucked ‘Daddy Dave Ryan’ in for a little sleep. After the first quarter the Roos trailed by 4 points.

Throughout the second quarter it was the same story, with the Roos continuing to be second to the ball allowing the Cougars to sneak in three goals to the Roos 2.  Unfortunately for the Roos, they were yet again cursed with the “point kicking bug” as they piled on 5 points.  At the main break the Roos still trailed by 5 points with a lot to think about before the second half.

After a quick break the boys were back out on the field ready to start the third hoping to make amends. During the quarter there was some great footy displayed by young DJ with strong hands and better decision making, as well as some great running from back man Nick.  These efforts weren’t forgot but were somewhat overshadowed by the Cougars 5 goal quarter.  Tyson, Marty and Braeden helped close the gap with a goal each, but the Roos continued to trail going into three quarter time.

When the last quarter started the boys needed to work hard and get some hunger for the ball.  There were promising signs as some players took the game on but unfortunately the Roos could pull off the comeback as they continued to kick points leaving the final score to read Cougars 13.8-86 to Roos 9.17-71.

Mundaring Celebrations Best On: Tyson “Hammer” Hamling, for his four goals and work through the middle, a big effort after his Bucks night on Friday!

Mahogany Inn Second Best: Daniel “DJ” Thomas with another great game with better decisions.

Brookwood Reality Third Best: Rhys “Peps” Nickisson, providing an option across half forward.

A1Caravnas Fourth Best: Nick “Mr Lover Lover” Cayley for his great run from half back.

Mr Magic Fifth Best: Lindsey ‘Spell My Name’ Vitler, great attack on the ball.

The Peep Show: Devin ‘The Fiddler’ Borstel, for just surviving.

A big challenge for the Roos today as we take on the inform Mounties with their eye on second spot. The boys will need to be on top of their game in the Brendyn Johnston memorial match, do your best and do him proud.

Roos Wrap Round 13


Coming off a bye and a successful Quiz Night the Roos travelled to Bullsbrook to take on the Saints in near perfect conditions. As we reach the pointy end of the seasons it was important the Roos continued their momentum through to the finals. A strong team was selected for Sunday’s hit out, including Braedon ‘Gaz’, Tristan and Hamps making their way back into the side allowing Cam and Dev to have a rest with Oz recovering after surgery.

It was a later start this week with both teams waiting on the ball to be pumped up. It was a rocky start to the game with some jittery hands and feet creating turnovers. Once settled the Roos found their feet, sending the ball into the forward line where ‘Hawk’ had no dramas kicking straight. With 5 goals to 1, the Roos were out to a handy lead at the first break.

At the start of the second the Roos continued to stretch their lead with the help of Matthew ‘Knuckles’ O’Keefe in the ruck and Rory around the ground. Main goal scorer Hawk continued to lead well and kick straight, also joining him on the scoreboard was Captain Jake, Tyson and Rhys ‘Peps’. The backline worked just as hard keeping the Saints at hand and working the ball out of danger. At the end of the first half the scores were Roos 9.10-64 to Saints 2.1-13.

After the main break it was a quick start with Luke ‘Silky’ Nicol receiving a clean tap from the centre sending a lace out pass to Hawk. After that short glimpse of skill and polish the Roos dropped off and hitting a target seemed to be optional. As an attempt to spark some magic, Marty’s dream finally came true as he was sent to the forward line to help create some more options before the end of the third.

In the last term Marty and Tyson helped with a couple goals but unfortunately the Roos never really had the polish they were after allowing the Saints to match them in a four-goal quarter, finishing with a 67-point win.

Mundaring Celebrations Best on Ground: Tristan ‘Hawk’ Vance with a great 9 goal game and an even better speech.

Mahogany Inn’s Second Best: Jake ‘Davo’ Davis good to see him back in form and finding a lot of it.

Brookwoods Reality Third Best: Nick “Studly” Cayley, for his run of halfback.

A1Caravans Fourth Best: Daniel ‘DJ’ Thomas, for some great marks, tackles and efforts on the wing.

Mr Magic’s Fifth Best: Rory “I can’t kick straight” Stewart, got a tonne of it just couldn’t quite execute.

The Peep Show: Jesse “Fang” Ball dancing in and out of trouble all day!

Thank you all that travelled to support the Roos, special mention to Micko for his fine work running boundary, Milney quality goal umpiring and Graham running water whilst avoiding the Freo game.

Just a reminder to all supporters the Roos will be holding a Memorial Match for Brendyn ‘Brendo’ Johnston on Sunday 11th August. We would like to invite all past players and supporters to come down and watch the Roos take on Mounties.


Carn the Roos!!!

Roos Wrap Round 12

Coming off a big win the week before, the Roos were excited to take on Gidge in another home match. It was a game Gidge had to win to keep their finals hopes alive but more importantly a must win for the Roos to hold top position. The coach nearly had a whole squad to pick from this week with the only changes being Matthew “Hamps” and Tristan sitting this one out allowing Kizza to return as well as Nick, now that he had finished his lover’s duties.
Although the sun was out, the wind was blowing hard which we knew was going to make it an interesting game. This week’s pre-warmup joke was tasked to Elf and surprisingly given his speech giving abilities, pulled it off quite well.
Once the game got underway the Roos struggled to be confident with their hands causing fumbles left, right and centre, allowing Gidge to kick the first. Jesse managed to keep hold of the ball and create some good opportunities for Austin and Jake to kick the two for the quarter. It wasn’t a great start for the Roos as Gidge managed to add another, the quarter finishing with Roos trailing by 2 points.
The second quarter was much the same as the first, but the Roos did manage to sneak in a couple goals to Gidge’s one, 8 points the difference at the main break in a low scoring affair.
The second half was the Roos time to shine. It all started in the midfield as Matthew “Knuckles”, Luke and Jake all linking up and producing some great footy to watch. Although there was never the fine polish of skills they managed to work the ball forward and allowed Austin to kick multiple for the quarter, one of which was a cheeky soccer assist from Andy “Big Boy 32”. The impressive work didn’t stop there as Dave “Rhino” took a courageous mark on the wind narrowly missing a knee to the side of the head and Kizza running straight lines to send the ball out of the backline.
As the last term started the Roos continued to keep the pressure on Gidge as the back men helped to keep them scoreless for the quarter and the forwards added another 5 goals to their total finishing the game with a 69-point win.
Mundaring Celebrations Best on Ground: Austin “Oz” Thomas for his 8 delicious goals.
Mahogany Inn’s Second Best: Matthew “Knuckles” O’Keefe for his dominance in the ruck and around the ground.
Brookwood Realty Third Best: Luke “Silky” Nicol never in doubt when Silky has the ball. A1Caravans Fourth Best: Dave “Stumpy One Nut” Ryan with some great run and courageous marks. Mr Magics Fifth Best: Jesse “Fang” Ball for showing great skills from the get go, The Peep Show: Andrew “Tonka” De Abreu. Good to see the confidence back up and mullet following close behind.
With a bye last week, it was great to see everyone up and about supporting the Roos at our annual Quiz Night, a huge effort by all who helped and ensured the night was a success, raising much needed funds for the club. A big shout out to Red who was in great form during the auction, Pep for some class question reading and all the boys who took advantage of the night to hit it hard, who knew that Area 51 could perform so well.

Carn the Roos!!!