ROOS WRAP – RND 10 2018

It was Saturday afternoon football as we took on the Bulldogs at home, the boys from 2008 there in full voice ready to watch a great game.
Several changes to the team that beat Parky, Nick, Jesse, Micko and Andy out through injury with Austin enjoying Melbourne. Big Mikey, Crash, Elf, Lachlan, Jarrad, Greggo and LG all back in.
The game started with both teams keen to gain the early ascendency, some early wins in the middle-had Tyson shooting on goal only to narrowly miss. Mikey was playing deep forward looking to take a mark when he turned crumber kicking two classy goals. Gidgey weren’t to be out done answering with three of their own and when Tyson finally kicked straight we were a goal up at the first change.
The start of the second and the Roos forgot to turn up as Gidgey quickly kicked the first two, they were dominating in the middle and we were struggling to get our hands on it. Gidgey kept on coming and two goals became five and they were out by four. Musto missing everything from the goal square summed up our quarter, only a third goal from Mikey cut the margin, we were three goals down at the main break.
Choice words were required and safe to say there were plenty on offer in the changerooms as we looked to turn it around. It was time for the leaders to stand up, first Tank then Tyson and when Jake hit the scoreboard, we were on our way back. Gaz kicked a cracker form outside fifty and when Tyson snapped a classic on the stroke of three quarter time we were back to within a goal at the last change.
Gidgey wouldn’t lie down and kicked the first of the last to pile the pressure back on. The young Roos fired right back with Mikey kicking another classy crumbing goal. Gidgey kicked the next, we were trading goals and when Tank marked strongly and kicked truly it was back to a goal the difference.
It was Gidgies turn to kick the next and then it was back to the Roos, first Mikey, then Tyson stood up too get us back in front, we were five points up with a couple of minutes to go.
Both teams were scrambling as we tried to keep our noses in front and when Tyson kicked the last of the game, we were home an 11-point win. Tyson and Mikey stand outs down forward with five goals each, Tank and Gaz two and Jake one for the day.
Tyson best on ground on the day, Jakey next for his four-quarter effort, Chook with a standout second half third, Dylan continuing his good work next best with Lindsay rounding out the top five.
After a big day came a big night with many in top form, Tamps, Wiz and Mandla standouts until Firey joined the game renewing his love of wheelie bins! Well done to all on the day a great one for the club, thanks to all who helped.
Another big test today boys Mounties on their own dung hill, no lapses, plenty of effort and we will continue to improve.

Carn the Roos!