Roos Wrap Round 14

Coming off a comfortable win over Bully last week the Roos thought history would repeat itself when they took on the Cougars. The team only had a few changes with Jesse working away this week meant that Dev could come back in after a rest, Tonka was out ill allowing Cam to come back in from injury.

It was a quiet start to the warmup and it seemed like the boys may have thought it was going to be an easy game and come away with a win. Boy were they wrong.

As the first siren sounded it was clear that the Cougars weren’t going to make it an easy game as they demonstrated that their hunger for the ball outweighed the Roos.  After dropping the first goal the Roos made some effort to counter with one from Tyson and another from Tristan.  In the backline there was a little bit of friendly fire as Kizza tucked ‘Daddy Dave Ryan’ in for a little sleep. After the first quarter the Roos trailed by 4 points.

Throughout the second quarter it was the same story, with the Roos continuing to be second to the ball allowing the Cougars to sneak in three goals to the Roos 2.  Unfortunately for the Roos, they were yet again cursed with the “point kicking bug” as they piled on 5 points.  At the main break the Roos still trailed by 5 points with a lot to think about before the second half.

After a quick break the boys were back out on the field ready to start the third hoping to make amends. During the quarter there was some great footy displayed by young DJ with strong hands and better decision making, as well as some great running from back man Nick.  These efforts weren’t forgot but were somewhat overshadowed by the Cougars 5 goal quarter.  Tyson, Marty and Braeden helped close the gap with a goal each, but the Roos continued to trail going into three quarter time.

When the last quarter started the boys needed to work hard and get some hunger for the ball.  There were promising signs as some players took the game on but unfortunately the Roos could pull off the comeback as they continued to kick points leaving the final score to read Cougars 13.8-86 to Roos 9.17-71.

Mundaring Celebrations Best On: Tyson “Hammer” Hamling, for his four goals and work through the middle, a big effort after his Bucks night on Friday!

Mahogany Inn Second Best: Daniel “DJ” Thomas with another great game with better decisions.

Brookwood Reality Third Best: Rhys “Peps” Nickisson, providing an option across half forward.

A1Caravnas Fourth Best: Nick “Mr Lover Lover” Cayley for his great run from half back.

Mr Magic Fifth Best: Lindsey ‘Spell My Name’ Vitler, great attack on the ball.

The Peep Show: Devin ‘The Fiddler’ Borstel, for just surviving.

A big challenge for the Roos today as we take on the inform Mounties with their eye on second spot. The boys will need to be on top of their game in the Brendyn Johnston memorial match, do your best and do him proud.