ROOS WRAP – RND 14 2018

Roos Wrap

A young Bullsbrook side at home was the task for the Roos on another clear but windy day. Kizza, Chook, Callum, Rhys and Jesse making way for Dev, Lindsey, Jack, Waggs, Tyson and Myles coming in for his 50th game for the club.
A glittery banner and the year 6 junior team greeted the boys as they ran out, Myles handed the role of captain with the obligatory rev up chat in his hands!
The game started with a quick win out of the middle Austin unable to take a chest mark, Tyson unable to kick his first shot on goal and Dev flying at a mark unsuccessfully missing his shot, three points to start the game.
Tys made good shortly after as he kicked truly from close range the boys were away the first of eight for the quarter. It wasn’t all our own way with Bully kicking two of their own they were having a crack and we needed to show some respect.
Tank enjoyed his time in the forward line during the second term kicking three for the quarter, he and Austin were in everything, both with four goals to half time. Jake, Gaz and Myles were finding plenty through the middle of the ground, Luke and Nick repelling everything that came their way across half back.
The plucky young Saints found plenty after the main break to really take it up to the Roos, more than matching our attack on the ball and on the scoreboard, we had gotten lazy and stopped showing respect.
A gentle reminder to the team at three quarter time that they needed to work hard certainly paid off after the break as the boys snapped back into gear, Tyson and Austin again stepped up as Lindsey and Dylan continued to drive the ball forward, Aussie the main beneficiary with four in the quarter.
The young Saints wilted in the last as the extra numbers and experience began to show, the Roos big winners on the day, all credit to Bullsbrook they never gave up and showed plenty for the future.
Austin won the day with nine goals, Tyson six, Tank four, Myles three and Micko a good day out with two. Singles to DJ, Beavo, Connor, Gaz and Dylan, with Lukey sneaking forward to kick his first goal for the year.
Tank our best on the day, Jakey close behind with Gaz rounding out the top three, Austin fourth with Nick the Mr Magic winner on the day, Myles the peep show winner for a cracker of a game.
Well Done to Tyson and Jess for getting engaged, well planned Tys and about time. The biggest congratulations go out to Bec and Maitland on the arrival of their bouncing baby boy Lincoln James, great work Bec we all look forward to meeting him!
Second time lucky with Parkerville this week at home lets continue to improve and work hard to achieve a four quarter effort.

Carn the Roos!