Roos Wrap Round 11

Last week the Roos were thankfully back on home soil taking on the developing Swan View side. Only sitting on the top of the ladder, by percentage, it was important that the Roos came away with a win and with some serious points on the scoreboard.

There were a few ins and outs to the side heading into the game, including Kizza coming out due to a rough week of recovery (even after the ice bath) as well as Nick away on lover’s duties! The ins included a recovered Brock and a well-rested Rory as he made his trip back to Perth.

A week of rain didn’t give the boys much hope for a clean game as the ground started to turn into a swimming pool on Thursday night. Fortunately, the sun was out on game day and the ground dry creating perfect conditions ready for a ripper game. Pre-game warm up included a different approach as Nighthawk took the boys on a journey of Jonny the “Ex-Tractor-Fan”. As the siren sounded the Roos allowed Swan View to sneak in the first goal but quickly responded with the help of Luke with a Silky Banana, Tyson a quick three, Oz and Big Boy, the Roos kicking the next six to finish the quarter six goals up.

As the second quarter got underway the midfield struggled to find the hunger for the ball and allowed Swan View to creep back into the game. Back-man Chook was yet again unbeatable sending the ball back to the midfield as quick as it came. Once the ball got into the forward line “Big Boy” Andy helped convert it to the scoreboard. Unfortunately, the goals were not the only thing that was being kicked as the points joined at the same rate. At the end of the first half the scores were Roos 9.9-63 to Swan View 3.1-19.

After the break the Roos still didn’t quite get back to the same effort as they displayed in the first quarter and allowed Swan View to kick three on the Roos two.

After a very tight huddle and some tough love from Adz the boys decided to play footy again and for some get into a bit of a scrap with the biggest bloke on the opposition’s team…Rhino!!! Although the skills were never polished the six-goal quarter helped the Roos build their percentage with a seventy-point win.


Mundaring Celebrations Best On, Dylan “Chook” O’loghlen. The mullet was flowing in yet another great 4 quarter game!!!

Mahogany Inn’s 2nd Best, James “Beavo” Beavington. One of only a few with great skills throughout the game.

Brookwood Realty 3rd Best, Tyson “Hammer” Hamling. Just a cheeky 5 for the day, to go with his six points.

A1Caravan 4th Best, Matthew “Knuckles” O’Keefe. Rucking and running all day.

Mr Magic’s 5th Best, Lyndsey, Lindsay, Lindsey, “Lids” Vitler. Constant attack on the ball and great rebound off half back.

The Peep Show, Dave “One Nut” Ryan. Well done dad!!! I am proud!!!


Carn The Roos!