Roos Wrap Round 2

First home game of the year against a new and improved Mt Helena lions on a drizzly Sunday afternoon. Lindsay and Cam made way for Greggo, Musto, Bevo and a well rested fresh from Bali Peps (who books a holiday in footy season).
The first quarter saw a hard fought tussle between two sides that have obviously done a full preseason ending with a point the difference at the break. Mounties had certainly come to play with their bigger bodies and tall lineup frustrating the young Roos side and if not for our solid backline it could have been much different. As the second quarter began the midfield definitely stepped up their game as Jake, Gaz and Luke started to get first use of the ball with Jesse getting a ton of it on his wing. This lead to Tyson, Aussie and Jake all hitting the scoreboard with our defence limiting Mounties to 1 goal with Marty a standout done back,
Third quarter saw us extend our lead by another 10 points with Aussie kicking 2 quick goals, one compliments of a sharp Musto pass with a cracker from the pocket.
The last quarter started much like the third with Kizza beginning to gain the upper hand over his much taller ruck opponent, this along with a dash down the wing from nick saw us kick another 3 goals with a good one from DJ before moments later getting ironed out by the biggest player on the opposition, a hit that was deemed fair and just a bit high but saw him having a snooze. Final margin a solid 6 goal win to the Roos. Jesse our best on the day with the celebrations Mundaring award, Marty second from The Inn, Gaz took out third best from A1 Caravans, Jake forth from Brookwood reality,, Nick fifth from Mr Magic’s and peep show going to Rory for a solid run in the midfield and down back.
This weeks game sees us welcoming swan view back into the hills comp in what will be a great opportunity to continue to gel as a side. Plenty of hard work and dedication needed to get the job done.

Carn the Roos