Roos Wrap Round 9

The Roos had a big challenge on the weekend meeting Mount Helena on their mud heap after a night of rain! It was a big game for both teams, with the Roos needing the win to maintain second spot on the ladder, as well as Dev playing his fiftieth game for the club. 

With a few out this week including Gaz, Micko and Lachie meant Jakey, Andy and Nick returned to the side. It wasn’t looking to flash at 12pm with an AWOL Beavo, meaning we were short one but with a quick call to the “Firey Ranga”, Maitland, we soon had our 22.

As expected the Lions came out firing, kicking the first three goals within minutes. The Roos answered with one but was replied quickly, the rest of the quarter being one for one.  Unfortunately, Andy (Tonka), was out for the day with an early injury and the Roos had some serious work to do, down by 3 goals at the first change.   

In the second quarter the Roos climbed their way back into the contest and put some serious pressure on the Lions.  Back men Nick, Marty and the Ranga started to get on top of their opponents, Musto, Austin and Tyson kicked a few goals and the boys finished the first half with a chance, Lions with a five-point advantage at the break.

As the second half got underway the spark from a few boys with Hamps putting his body on the line and Lindsay’s attack on the ball allowed the Roos to work their way in front. Continued pressure on the Lions throughout the third quarter was not without a price, Tristan and Knuckles joining a bench full of injuries, Nicko into the ruck! 

The fourth quarter was the hardest of all, no rotation on the bench meant the boys had to work for the entire quarter.  The Lions started to put the pressure back onto the Roos and managed to get a couple goals bringing the scores within 7 points. More injuries to Mono and DJ meant Knuckles returned to the ground and fought the game out.  The last 5 minutes were extremely tight with plenty of tackles and ball ups allowing the Roos to hold on to run out 7 points winners.  

Mundaring Celebrations Best On was awarded to Nick “Studly” Cayley for his work around the ground and in the ruck.

Mahogany Inn Second Best went to Dev “The Feeler” Borstel for his pressure down back, Brookwood Realty Third Best went to Marshal “Marty” Hearne for his composure in the backline.

A1Caravans Fourth Best awarded to Connor ‘Musto’ Musto for his 3-goal effort.

Mr Magic Fifth Best went to Daniel “Smash” Thomas for some incredible marks all over the ground      

The Peep Show went to Hamps for a great effort on the wing and really finding his feet, even f they were covered in Mud!

Thank you to all supporters that battled the weather and watched the Roos triumph. We have locked in 20/07/2019 for the Quiz Night and it will be held at the new Mundaring Rec Centre so please save the date and get those teams of 8 together.


Carn the Roos!